Difference between Boxers and Briefs

Difference between Boxers and Briefs

We can all agree that underwear is the unsung hero of our closets, performing a critical role in keeping our private parts comfortable. However, you may find yourself with a lot of questions before jumping to the conclusion about which pair of underwear is best for you. Men do sit for a while and think about boxer vs briefs or rather trunks vs boxers and more.

Questions such as, which one chafes you the least? Which type of underwear is the most comfortable? Which one has good elasticity and so on and so forth? Talking about current times, there are various types of underwear to pick from. You may choose according to your preferences and demands, such as long, short, loose, fitted, and so on, to suit your style.

If you research a bit, you will come down to two types of underwear that are the most popular among majority of men - Boxers and Briefs. Briefs and boxers are commonly popular among young men. These are the most trusted ones among many who prefer them for casual wear and even special occasions.

This does not end here. Boxers and briefs are the favorite but what to select and which one is better. There are a number of things to be taken into consideration to choose the finest option to match your lifestyle. Hence, it is essential to know what differentiates these two popular men's underwear styles, i.e., boxers and briefs, from the rest.

Boxers v/s Briefs

You might feel comfortable wearing boxers but your brother wearing a brief. It’s absolutely normal. You are two different people and your preferences are bound to differ too. How about analyzing both on certain factors like comfort, style, function, and sex appeal.


Briefs - When it comes to supporting your gems, short tops the list. All day long, they hug your intimate areas closely and provide them with great support. However, it might turn into a disadvantage when there is a hit outside as it will make your balls sticky and sweaty.

Boxers - Boxers give your private part space by leaving it hanging, making you feel defenseless. It helps your intimate region to breathe and keep cool because it is loose and comfy enough. If you are the one who enjoys freedom then just go for them.

Let us move ahead and bring more clarity on the topic of Boxers vs briefs.


Boxers – They are baggy and lack protection so forget them if you are getting ready for any party or function. You must only consider this while going to sleep or when you are not around anyone.  If you are wearing shorts, you might end up exposing your jewel. Also, it is not a good idea if you are doing activities that require continuous movement, like dancing.

Briefs - Briefs work significantly better since they keep your imitated part near. However, due to the improper fabric, it may leave a mark around your exposed inner thighs. They are excellent for both support and protection. However, they may fall short when it comes to preventing chafing and exposure.


Briefs - If you are a gym freak or have a Chad-like physique, you must definitely consider briefs. They are sure to complement your body. However, if you are not, avoid considering briefs as they might make you a little less cool.

Boxers - Boxers, on the other hand, are to be considered by healthier men or men with beer belly. Their loose fit adds some weight to your thighs maintaining the overall appearance. However, avoid boxers if you are skinny else your legs might end up looking like noodles in a baggy cover.


Briefs - This entirely depends on the individuals and their experiences. However, based solely on studies, only 5% of women stated that they preferred briefs above any other style of underwear on men. But then again, that's not the bottom line, your confidence counts as well!

Boxers - On the other hand, boxers scored better than briefs, at around 19% approval, though that is not an impressive stat too. Boxers are still a good option for certain men since they provide a lot of balance.


The above parameters somehow bring clarity on boxers vs briefs. Every type of underwear comes with its own pros and cons. It also varies from person to person and from time to time. Therefore, in the end, you must choose according to your tastes and choices.

Consider wearing boxers if:

1) You enjoy wearing short underwear.

2) You prefer a relaxed and loose fit.

Consider wearing briefs if:

1) You want to feel protected.

2) You like an all-around fit.