Boxer shorts - All you need to know

Boxer shorts - All you need to know

What are Boxer Shorts?

Call them boxer shorts or loose boxers or simply boxers – the term was first used in English way back in 1944 for all-around-elastic shorts. They are one of the most comfortable loungewear worn by men. Boxer shorts are loose fitted underwear that is easy to carry throughout the day without having to worry.

Boxer shorts set your privates free. They give them the freedom to experience the world with you. Identifying boxer shorts is easy – most of them come with a fly in the front or overlapping fabric in the front; commonly called the open fly design as well. They ease out air circulation and let your parts move freely.

Short or Long and Regular or Slim-Fit

Talking about the pattern, there is a variety available to choose from. Looking to find out their ideal length – there is no defined universal length of the boxer shorts. Pick as suits you best from short or long; it depends upon the kind of pants that you wear above. What further matters is the width of the shorts i.e. regular or slim-fit. Planning to wear a slim-fit trouser or pant, regular boxer shorts will is an absolute NO.

The Pricing

No defined price range for them. Be it affordability or comfort or choice of fabric – it all depends upon your individual preferences. If you are the one who can afford luxury then you won’t be disheartened. Over the years, a lot of luxury and specialty men’s underwear brands have been introduced in the market.

Go out to shop and you will be surprised to see the range. You might end up paying the same price for buying a pair of luxury or specialty underwear as that of buying a regular six or three pack as well. Choose from the underwear minimalist range - simple colours and patterns to meet your basic demands not digging a hole in your pocket.

Looking for a step up, there is the so called middle class range where you can choose from high-end products manufactured by the low range brands and low-end products from the high-end brands. Want to further move up the ladder, the price range that goes beyond a thousand bucks then you are up for a surprise. Here you don’t just buy a pair of underwear but a lifestyle. From pouches to horizontal flies and exotic fabric blends, enjoy comfort like never before.

Last but not the least, the designer range where it is the technology, the processes and the design that are unique. With brand names visible on the waistbands, indulge into this one if you are totally into brands. Be prepared to pay a handsome amount for buying even a single pair of boxer shorts from this range.

Patterns and Colours

Boxer shorts have always been available in a plethora of colours, prints and patterns. Choose from stripes, solid colours, plaids or even cartoon prints. However, the range for boxer shorts has somehow gone for a toss due to the changing taste and preferences of men these days. Men have been seen to opt for dark solid colours as far as boxer shorts are concerned but then there are other options too.

Material and Fabric

The options used to be limited in the beginning but as preferences changed so does the material and fabric used. There were times when the only choices available were boxer shorts made of woven or knitted fabric but now you can pick from a wide array of materials. From elastane to modal to polyester blends to bamboo, the options increase as you move from one price range to another.

Flys: Button or Slit

All boxer shorts come with a fly or an open slit. The button fly boxer shorts come with one or two buttons on the fly that can be buttoned or unbuttoned according to the need. Then there are the slit fly boxer shorts with no button, just an overlapping fabric serving as a closure. Pull the fabric to open the slit as and when required.

The Pouch

Underwear are meant to cover your entire groin area however, your penis and balls need their own little separate space. Pouches make a big difference when it comes to comfort. It is the extra horizontal space, the pouch in boxer shorts provide that adds additional comfort.Why keep it squished when your jewels too want to stay safe in a roomier place.

Final Words

Choosing the right pair of boxer shorts might be challenging to begin with. But once you know what is essential by understanding the various factors affecting comfort, it won’t be difficult anymore. Take out sometime, do some research, try it out and gift your organ what it actually deserves.