Best Men’s Underwear to Buy for Every Body Type 2022

Best Men’s Underwear to Buy for Every Body Type 2022

Every man would strongly agree with the fact that the foundation of every outfit depends upon the choice of underwear. These, not just give a good shape, to your private parts but also somehow boosts your confidence wearing anything around. Comfort, support, durability, breathability and last but not the least style of underwear matters a lot. Everyone wishes to choose underwear that is reasonable yet appealing too. 

There are a variety of fabrics used to manufacture men’s underwear and each one of them has its own relevance. Cotton gives you comfort, whereas silk gives you an aesthetic appeal. Which one do you prefer?

Similarly, there is a variety of men’s underwear available in the market that can be considered depending upon the body type. Not all bodies can fit into single type of underwear style. As the need rose, the innerwear industry too expanded to meet the diverse needs. The manufacturers are now making ample varieties of men’s underwear using different fabrics, different use, different styling, and much more.

Types of men’s underwear to buy for every body type in 2022

If you have still not realized then it is time now! Picking the right pair of underpants is tricky. Every man needs to own a variety to suit their diverse requirements like workout, formal outerwear, party mode, night time and so on. Similarly, it is essential to know your body type too. This is something that is sure to help you slip into the most comfortable underwear for the go. 

How about taking a look at some of the best men’s underwear to be bought for every body type?

  • Briefs
Are you among the thin, fit, yet muscular lot? If yes, then briefs would be a superb option for you. The specialty of briefs is the firmness that they have offer. If a tight and macho look is what pleases you then briefs are the best for you. 
In simple words, a brief would cover the crotch area and make it appear like a distinct Y-shaped front. This would support your genitals. Moreover, briefs are a bit discriminatory to those who don’t have a body to flaunt. But for those who have a good body, a pair of briefs would surely let you flaunt your muscular and macho look. 
  • Trunks
Trunks are another type of men’s underwear quite similar to the swimming trunks. It is mostly suitable for people with lean-body. Trunks have less fabric and a smaller waistband with shorter thigh coverage.
Do you know the best thing about trunks? It is that they do not lose their elasticity for a longer period. But trunks go well for lean men and not the bulky ones. Wondering why? These are smaller and fit closely to the body. However, trunks can still work for men with wider hips.
  • Boxers

If you have an apple-shaped body, then you must buy boxers. They are loose and comfortable as compared to other types of men’s underwear. Anything too tight would definitely take a lot of effort to fit on an apple-shaped body. A constricting waistband would also cause itchiness and leave marks on the waist. So it goes best for men who are slightly fat.

  • Boxer Briefs
Boxer briefs can be worn by people of all body types as it sticks closely to the skin. Made up of Lycra and some unique fibers, expect an amazing stretch from them. With boxer briefs, you get the goodness of both worlds.
Your intimate part feels comfortable and supported. Further, there is extra fabric to cover most of your thighs too. You would never feel uncomfortable after wearing boxer briefs as they are neither too tight nor too loose but balanced. 
  • Jockstraps

People who have a small bone structure and a height of less than 5 feet 5 inches fall into the category of short body type. For them, jockstraps are the most suitable type of underwear. This puts a lot of emphasis on legs making them appear to be longer. This is what gives us yet another underwear that are versatile and can fit any sized man.


The ordeal of finding the ideal pair of underwear is real. What happens to be a cherry on the cake is that not a single one is fit for all occasions and activities. But what stays common is the fact that identifying your body type and the kind of work you are involved in at a particular time can ease it for you. Once identified, buying the right pair from some of the best brands can really prove to be bliss for you.