9 Easy DIY Ways To Look Dapper At Your Own Shaadi

9 Easy DIY Ways To Look Dapper At Your Own Shaadi

The fashion scene is changing for the grooms. The constantly evolving styles and patterns have made it a bit difficult to keep up. Thus, it becomes important to create your own unique style. A proper blend of traditional with modern thinking is required to create a dapper look. Here is a guide on DIY shaadi ideas for men that contains everything you need to look dapper at your own Shaadi.

1.)  Nehru Jacket

For the Mehndi Ceremony, instead of going with a normal kurta pajama. Throw a Nehru Jacket on top and style it innovatively with a bright pocket square. If you don’t have a pocket square, open the knot of your tie and tuck it inside in a manner that the end triangle shows out.

2.) Fashion Shawl

Depending on your outfit for the reception or the wedding, you can take up a shawl and style it in a royal manner. While the standard around-the-shoulder option is always available, you can try out the Maharaja fold, or take the half across your front and rest the shawl on your left arm.

3.) Sunglasses/Aviators

When it comes to day events that are held outdoors, sunglasses are what make you extremely dapper. Not only will they protect your eyes from the scorching heat of the sun but also make you look confident and fun. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most amazing DIY shaadi ideas for men so make sure you don’t forget them.

4.) Turban Styles

You can lose the conventional way of styling a turban. Instead try out some new innovative and fun ways such as with a peacock feather and stud, Mewari style, Peshawar style and Banarsi style. It’ll definitely stand out.

5.) Sneaker and Kurtas

While it may seem odd at first but this is a trend being followed by some of the most dapper-looking men in Bollywood. For the cocktail party, you can certainly try out a monochromatic kurta with a sneaker and it’ll surely grab a lot of attention.

6.) Formal Shoes with Kurta

As far as the big days are concerned, move a bit away from traditional and add a little contemporary to it. Just make sure they go well with the outfit and don't take too much attention from your overall outfit.

7.) Neck Jewellery

While wearing a sherwani, go for something elegant like a pearl necklace with a few rounds of it. It’ll not only give a royal appearance but also hold the overall outfit together. However, make sure it doesn't look too heavy.

8.) Pair Chinos with Kurta

Wearing kurtas can become a lot in Indian weddings, so one thing you need to make sure of is to keep on producing different variations. For one of the minor events, you can dress up a short kurta with a pair of matching chinos with a brightly coloured waistcoat or an Indian ethnic blazer.

9.) Fashionable Eyeglasses

Be it a formal event or one with full fun and frolic, wearing a pair of fashionable eyeglasses can really give you that dapper vibe. Make sure it has a dashing frame, a precise fit, and a modern style. You can get a frame to pair with your outfit too.


Your wedding is truly a special occasion. It is the day when hundreds of eyes will be on you. So, it would be great if you dress well and bring out your confident personality. These 9 DIY shaadi ideas for men will surely help in giving you that perfect dapper look.