5 Winter Fashion Trends To Look Out For Next Season

5 Winter Fashion Trends To Look Out For Next Season

Winter is Coming! and one can't help but start thinking about what they’ll be wearing when the weather changes and the sun hides behind the clouds. Luckily, even though it will become pretty cold outdoors, there are enough interesting trends to tackle this cold weather.

While cute shorts, funky boxers and tank tops look cool during summer, they are certainly not the right choice for the winter season. If you’re looking to update your wardrobe for this winter season, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top 5 winter fashion trends that you must check out.

1.)  Oversized Fits

One thing is undeniably true about oversized fits, they are extremely comfortable, cozy and look stylish. Whether it's a wide below-the-knee coat, a boxy, oversized blazer with puffed shoulders, or a bomber jacket, this is one style that you can wear over the rest of your wardrobe. Oversized fits make for great wear when you want to go outside for a small gathering that ain't too formal yet you want to look modish.

2.) Monochrome

Monochrome is one of the top winter fashion trends in 2022. The strongest monotone trend this season is wearing everything from top to bottom in a single shade, preferably warm colours. Style everything in the same colour, from your shoes to your accessories to your clothing. You can utilise several textures in the same colour to add zest to your outfit.

3.) Bulky Knitwear

While it may seem simple, chunky or bulky knitwear is one of the top winter fashion trends that you must look out for next season. The wonderful thing about bulky knitwear is that it can be worn on its own; you can pair it with your favourite pair of jeans, cargo pants, or even chinos without needing to do anything else. Add a pair of boots to this outfit and you’re ready to roll.

4.) Layered Fits

Layering is one such exciting winter fashion trend that will never go out of style. By wearing several outfits on top of one another, one can create the look of layered clothing. Here are a few fun ways to layer your clothes this winter season: coats over sweaters, blazers on rugged jeans, overcoats on cargo pants and turtlenecks with denim jeans. If you don’t want to put on a heavy jacket while going out, then layered outfits are your go-to choice.

5.) Double Denim

The double denim trend is one of those winter fashion trends that’ll take you back to the 90s. Choose a patchwork or vintage-inspired oversized jacket this season, and wear it with flared jeans. Try a rugged denim jacket with a bright t-shirt and jeans for a more '60s appearance. You can also combine different fabric tones for a cool appearance rather than sticking to a monochrome appearance. It is one of those outfits that you can wear without any worries.


These were the top 5 winter fashion trends that you should try next season. Ranging from comfortable stylish outfits to retro clothing, it has everything to get you through every party, outing, or date this winter. So let's not curl up in a blanket throughout this winter instead spice it up with these new winter fashion trends.