5 Ways to Wear a Polo T-shirt with Style

5 Ways to Wear a Polo T-shirt with Style

A polo t-shirt is an essential piece of apparel that every man should have in his wardrobe, especially in the summer. The reason - you can wear polo t-shirts with almost everything. If worn correctly, it has incredible versatility. However, many guys end up not knowing the best ways to style it. The way you don your polo t-shirt might make you appear stylish to others. On the other hand, it can also make you look like a wired uncle if not teamed up with the right bottoms.

Are you ready to take the risk?

Here are five ways to style a polo t-shirt and look like an absolute style icon.

1) The Rugged Look

Pair your polo t-shirt with a sports jacket, dark pants, or boots for this style. You must also ensure that your polo is worn underneath. The key here is to ensure that the polo's collar does not appear too casual, as this polo with a jacket will be a business casual look.

2) The Athletic Look

It is one of the most prevalent styles of wearing a polo t-shirt with shorts and either sneakers or loafers. A simple watch and a brown belt will offer another depth to this look. However, you must be extremely careful when selecting the shorts.

Many men end up choosing something that fits them very well in the torso, only to end up wearing a pair of big cargo shorts. For your polo t-shirt to stand out and work well, wear it with simple shorts rather than cargo shorts.

3) The Layered Look

Many men believe that polo t-shirts can only be worn in hot weather, which is false. A polo t-shirt is a fantastic summer outfit idea, but it can also be worn in the winter as an undershirt, under sweaters, and v-necks.

Pair it with a solid pair of loafers, a casual watch and belt to complete the look. If you are wearing polo t-shirts with sweaters, make sure they are made of high-quality wool so they don't itch on your arms or other upper body areas.

4) Summer Casual

By far, it is one of the coolest and very easy style combinations. You may pair your polo t-shirt with chinos or linen pants. You can also wear jeans with your polo t-shirts and loafers for a more trendy look. How about adding sunglasses to your overall look and style?

This is a relatively easy combo, yet many men make mistakes by wearing odd shoes. You can pair your polo t-shirt with a suede shoe if you want to carry fun and casual vibe. Choosing great footwear and a decent pair of glasses will help to accentuate your style.

5) The Casual Suit

A polo t-shirt can be worn with a casual suit. Yes, you read it right. It can also go with a pair of pants and a jacket. For a semi-casual appearance, you can choose loafers and a casual watch. However, a tie with a polo t-shirt and suit is an absolute misfit. Remember, is a casual look, not a formal one.

You may wear this outfit on weekend nights, whether you are going to a club or just hanging out with your colleagues. It would be ideal if you could wear light-colored suits or a dark-colored polo with a strong emphasis on the collar. If you prefer to go for a light color polo t-shirt, white is usually a good choice.


Your style is your own. Why compromise? Give it your best shot! If not for others then at least for yourself. Being updated about what is trendy and what is not is a must. The five ways to style polo t-shirts mentioned above gives you a fair insight into what goes best. How you style your polo t-shirt matters but there are other aspects too that can make or break your appearance.

What color you select is quite important. Thus, choose a color that complements your skin tone. Another crucial factor in making the polo t-shirt appear more attractive is the fit. All of these style combinations will look amazing on you, but you must remember to style this look appropriately at the right place and at the right time.