5 Easy Folding Hacks For T-shirts That Save Space And Time

5 Easy Folding Hacks For T-shirts That Save Space And Time

T-shirts are often tricky to fold. Whether you are folding laundry or preparing for a trek, you are always in disarray and mayhem about how to fold these not-so-dramatic t-shirts. Worry not! To maintain your closets and drawers neat and to make better use of space while traveling, you can apply several tried-and-tested folding techniques that we are going to discuss now!

Simple and Fundamental

First of all, let’s look into the folding technique which is simple, easy, and fundamental for everyday use. This technique is universal and is adopted by everyone to fold t-shirts or any other top wear. To begin, place the t-shirt on a flat surface and fold in one arm at the inseam closest to the armpit. Then, on the same side, fold the t-shirt vertically toward the center. Further, repeat the same steps on the other side of the t-shirt. After this, your shirt should now form a rectangular shape. Bring the bottom of the t-shirt to the top and fold it horizontally, reducing the size to half. Voila! There you go, smooth out the t-shirt into a small square and place it in your cupboard. 

Marie Kondo Style

Folding t-shirts in Marie Kondo style are perfect for beginners. Take your closets to the next level and learn how to fold Marie's way for tidying up and organizing all the clothes. For this technique, Fold one side vertically toward the center, then fold the sleeve back by half to make room for the other side. Similarly, fold the opposite side of the t-shirt in the same manner. Fold the t-shirt horizontally from top to bottom, however, leave the gap at the edge by two to three inches. Further, by applying firm and gentle pressure, fold the t-shirt in half or thirds and then stand the tee upright. Instead of digging and rummaging through piles of clothes, this method provides extra space for new garments while also straightening up the closet and enabling easy access to things and items.

Avoid Wrinkles - Rolling Method

Popular while traveling, the rolling method to fold t-shirts helps in reducing wrinkles and eliminating space. This approach requires folding one side vertically toward the center and similarly folding the opposing side of the t-shirt in the same form. Then from the collar side begin rolling the t-shirt inward to create the rolling effect. This folding tip will come in handy when you are going for a hike or traveling light with a small backpack.  

Flip n Fold Method

If you are invested in tidying up your closet with perfect and organized shapes. Then go all fancy with buying flip n fold boards or even making it at home. For this technique, lay your t-shirt flat on the board and begin to fold it using the board for a quick and neat result. First, fold the right board toward the center, then the left board in a similar manner, and lastly fold the bottom board toward the top. This flip and fold procedure keeps the t-shirts uniform and helps in saving time.

Quick on the Uptake - Japanese Method

For all the lazy and slow-moving sloths, who do not want to spend even a minute folding laundry. This Japanese folding technique is for you. Fold your t-shirts in seconds and obtain clean folded tees using this approach. First, lay your t-shirt horizontally with the collar to your left. About two or three inches from the side seam, grab or pinch the upper border of the shoulder. Grab the middle of the t-shirt with the other hand, making sure it is aligned with the location you have pinched on the shoulder. Bring the shirt's shoulder down to the hem and pinch both the shoulder and the hem together with your left hand. Straighten your right shoulder and cross it over your right hand. The result will be a folded t-shirt with one sleeve hanging out when you hoist the t-shirt up. Finally, give it a good shake to get rid of all the wrinkles and lay down the t-shirt. Fold the t-shirt in half and tuck the remaining sleeve underneath.

So what are you waiting for? Try out the five simple tips for folding t-shirts and pick the one that best matches your folding style.