5 Common Formal Shoe Mistakes

5 Common Formal Shoe Mistakes

It is rightly said, "You can always judge a man by his shoes.” Formal shoes are the most elegant and integral part of a man’s wardrobe. A good-looking pair of formal shoes can not only complete a formal suit but also provide a confidence boost to the wearer. While they significantly contribute to the improvement of your general appearance and personality, a minor error in footwear might have a severe impact on your initial impression. Here are 5 common formal shoe mistakes made by people:

1.) Pairing Incorrect Socks

One of the most important formal shoe mistakes to avoid is wearing whatever socks you find. Always try to match your socks with your pants, if not the exact same colour, the same shade might also work. This small technique can help you appear taller if your socks and pants transition smoothly.  It is advisable not to wear coloured socks while going on formal occasions. Also, avoid mixing too many patterns in socks. A pair of black socks, though, is a secure option if you're unsure or pressed for time.

2.) Wrong Suit-Shoes combination

One of the most common formal shoe mistakes is wearing the wrong shoes with the suit. It is a really tricky situation if you wear the wrong shoes with the suit as you’ll be grabbing attention for all the wrong reasons. Hence, it is vital to understand the right colour combination. For example, avoid wearing black shoes over tan suits. If you want to know more about how to create the right suit and shoe combination, read here.

3.) Avoid Rubber Soles

Always try to buy shoes with leather soles and avoid rubber soles. Formal shoes should be able to show their elegance and rubber shoes just dont give off that vibe. While leather shoes do require a bit of maintenance, they don't get damaged as quickly as rubber shoes do. Hence, when you’re out buying leather shoes, make sure they have a leather sole as well.

4.) Non-polished Shoes

Well, it won't be wrong to call this a sin. Although it is very common, a lot of people forget to polish their shoes. Black shoes are something people still pay some attention to. However, when it comes to burgundy, tan, brown or navy blue, we often just don't seem to care. This approach can really hamper your overall look because shoes are one of the things a person notices in your outfit. Thus, it is essential to keep a polish for every different shade of formal shoe that you own. It’ll help you maintain your shoes as well.

5.) Different Belt and Shoes

Regardless of what you wear, always make sure that your belt and shoes have the right colour match. It is quite better if you match the right kind of leather and texture as well. The closer the shoes and belt match, the more formal the outfit. For example, tan shoes go with a tan belt and black shoes go with a black belt, etc. As a rule of thumb buy a belt along with new formal shoes that you purchase in order to avoid this formal shoe mistake.


Since formal shoes are really crucial to give the best impression. Thus, it is suggested to avoid all these common formal shoe mistakes in order to give your outfit a complete flow and make a strong long-lasting impression wherever you go.