5 Comfortable Basic T-shirts For Men That Are Ideal For The Work From Home Days

5 Comfortable Basic T-shirts For Men That Are Ideal For The Work From Home Days

At home, do you often prefer to wear a shirt or a t-shirt?

Most men prefer a t-shirt over a shirt at home. After all, t-shirts are the best when it comes to giving comfort. Unless and until you are heading to a meeting, hanging out with coworkers, or attending a party, you are better off wearing t-shirts.

Now that working from home has become the new normal, wfh tshirt for men are increasingly in demand. While working from home, you will most likely wear t-shirts, certainly assuming you don't have a ZOOM presentation with your boss on a Monday afternoon.

Which wfh tshirt for men is good?

Here is our list of five must-have wfh t-shirt for men, which have the ideal mix of style, durability, and comfort.

 1) Crew Neck T-shirt

These are extremely soft t-shirts with a good fit that will look perfect on all body types, as it is ideal in every way. It's neither too heavy nor too light, and it drapes well. Even after multiple washes, you will notice that this t-shirt retains its shape, colour, and comfort. Crew neck t-shirts come in a variety of colours, are true to fit, and will last through many washings. As a result, it is an excellent alternative to your work-from-home lifestyle.

2) Crew curb hem T-shirt

This is ideal for a man who is willing to invest a few extra bucks for a high-quality, long-lasting wfh tshirt for men. Crew curve hem t-shirts are attractive, long-lasting, and simple, making them suitable for the workplace at home. There are a variety of t-shirts available in the market, but none can compete in terms of comfort for the price. Its fabric is very soft and wrinkle-free. This t-shirt will not lose its form even after a dozen washes however you can notice slight fading. Available in many colours, it lasts longer than any other t-shirt. 

3) Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-shirt

If you are looking for a loose-fitting, high-quality wfh tshirt for men that can pair with any of your trousers at home, then this is your ideal choice. This is usually intended for men who are not concerned about fashion. The crew neck short sleeve t-shirt is a heavyweight t-shirt with a loose fit that does not hug your body. It is made of thick cotton to provide maximum comfort. It does not shrink or stretch when washed, which is important to remember when choosing a t-shirt for working from home.

4) Broken-In t-shirt

You will love this t-shirt if you prefer going to bed in a t-shirt. It's a basic, simple t-shirt with a nice fabric layer. This t-shirt, which is available in a variety of colours, will complement your fashion style beautifully. Even after extended usage, it does not shrink or lose its softness. This means it will last even after numerous washings. However, bear in mind that it does not shrink in the wash, but it does lose its shape after a certain period of time. This is an above-average t-shirt in terms of comfort and style, with an average lifespan. It looks and feels nice, and it will fulfill your needs for working from home.

5) Short Sleeve pocket t-shirt

This might seem a little old-school t-shirt, yet its characteristics may outperform many other t-shirts. If you want the best t-shirt for your professional life at home and not for a social event, so you can take this bet. They hold up nicely against the washing machine even after multiple washings. The size remains same with minimal colour loss, and the fit is excellent. If you enjoy the rolled-sleeve appearance, this t-shirt is a must-have. It's thick, long-lasting, and appealing on all body types.

Final words

These are some of the best wfh tshirts for men you can consider. These will never compromise your style while keeping you comfortable in your 9 to 5 job working from home. Also, something which you take into consideration is durability, price, and which brands you are picking.

Every t-shirt mentioned above is affordable, but don't cut your costs to the extent that you end up regretting buying a particular wfh tshirt for men. So it's best to make a one-time investment in a t-shirt that will last and justify your work-from-home schedule.